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Cot One Upgrades

Upgrade to version 3

We now offer an upgrade program for owners of Cot One v2 and Cot Max v2. This involves replacing the hubs with new v3 hubs that will accommodate the extension leg kit.

Read on for help in identifying which version of Cot One/Cot Max you have and more details on the upgrade program.

Cot One Upgrades

Version guide

Cot One Version 1

The original Cot One has a two-part leg frame that joins in the middle with a silver sleeve. This version is not compatible with the upgrade program.

Cot One & Cot Max Version 2

This version has square tubes in the leg frames and nylon hubs connecting the 3 sections of the leg frame.

Cot One & Cot Max Version 3

Same as version 2 except for the addition of sockets to the hubs. The sockets accommodate the optional leg extension kit.

Cot One Upgrades

How to upgrade

Upgrading the hubs on Cot One version 2 costs $136. For Cot Max version the cost is $166. This includes:

  • Upgrade & return of your leg frames with new version 3 hubs fitted.
  • An extension leg kit (valued at $97 for Cot One or $128 for Cot Max).

Please note that this upgrade program is only open to customers in Australia.

Here's how the upgrade program works:

  1. Identify which version of Cot One you have. Only version 2 is compatible with the upgrade program.
  2. Download the upgrade form and fill it out.
  3. Package up your leg frames and post them to Sea to Summit, 5 Eyre Street, Rivervale, Perth, WA, 6103 along with your completed form. We recommend wrapping each frame in bubble wrap. Do not send the side poles or bed fabric.
  4. On receipt of your leg frames and form, we will process payment, convert the hubs to version 3 and post them back to you along with an extension leg kit by registered post.

Allow 2-3 weeks turnaround time including return post.