Ridgeline FL135 (Pair)

The larger diameter RIDGELINE poles create less flex for heavy loads, becoming the perfect companion for those carrying larger packs or trekking difficult terrain. 

Ridgeline FL135 poles feature a dual twist-lock mechanism and a maximum length of 135 cm.

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    Light & tough Ridgeline FL135 (Pair)

    Light & tough

    Helinox Ridgeline FL135 Walking Poles are a great all-round pole for a wide variety of conditions. 

    The dual twist lock mechanisms allow for easy length adjustment. The FL135 suits persons up to 200 cm tall (6'8").

    The larger diameter of Ridgeline poles means less flexing under heavy loads. This makes the poles suitable for those carrying larger packs or traversing difficult terrain. FL135 walking poles are also well suited to general walking.

    Specifications - FL135

    Assembled Packed

    90 cm - 135 cm

    59 cm


    188 grams per pole

    Suitable for height:

    135 cm - 200 cm