Tactical Table


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The utilitarian Tactical Table provides superior stability and extra surface space while remaining exceptionally light and packable.



Tactical Tables frame is built with ultra-lightweight and exceptionally strong DAC aluminum alloy poles. This advanced pole technology was developed for expedition-level backpacking tents and is trusted and relied on by the worlds most discerning adventurers. Helinox is the only furniture brand to use DAC aluminum alloy poles. Hubs and joining components are molded using a high-strength nylon resin that's carefully engineered to achieve precise, solid, secure pole attachments.


Assembled Packed
Height 15.5 in / 39 cm 4.5 in / 11 cm
Width 16 in / 40 cm 5 in / 12 cm
Weight 1 lbs 12 oz / 802 g 2 lbs 1 oz / 938 g
Length 23.5 in / 60 cm 16 in / 41 cm
Capacity 110 lbs. / 50 kg
Warranty 5 years



Helinox frames are made from an advanced high-tech aluminium alloy that offers the perfect blend of strength and minimal weight. This special alloy is a higher specification than aircraft-grade aluminium and goes through over 70 production processes from raw billet to finished pole section.

Hubs are made from high-strength, fibre-reinforced Nylon 66.

All Helinox products are backed by a 5 Year Warranty.