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Trekking Umbrellas

Umbrellas built to last

An umbrella can protect you from rain and sun without obstructing cooling airflow. Lots of outdoor adventurers use umbrellas but few standard umbrellas survive more than a few bush trips – they're just not designed for rugged use.

Eberhard Gobel has been making the world's best umbrellas for more than 90 years. We've added some DAC TH72M technology to their iconic trekking umbrella which is now available to the Australian outdoor adventurer.

Now available in two sizes - the original Umbrella One and Umbrella Two with a larger diameter for extra protection from the elements.

I carry my Helinox umbrella with me on every trip

"It never rains when I have it with me! We like all the products we've bought and other pilots have seen our Helinox equipment and bought their own" – Vicki M, seaplane adventurer.

Super tough and very light

Helinox Umbrella One features:

  • Ultra lightweight – just 220 grams
  • Fixed length 63.5 cm long (not folding)
  • Opens to 97 cm diameter
  • Button-free operation
  • Colours: Black or Red.

Helinox Umbrella Two features:

  • Lightweight – 326 grams
  • Fixed length 75.3 cm long (not folding)
  • Opens to 114 cm diameter
  • Large single button for simple operation
  • Colours: Black or Red.

Both models feature comfortable foam grip and strap, UPF 25 sun protection (blocks 96% of UV radiation) and the super strength of TH72M alloy in the shaft.

These umbrellas are one piece and not folding like other "trekking" umbrellas. We found on field testing that folding umbrellas are more compact for stowage but the added complexity reduces the robustness. We believe that first things must work reliably and we recommend the solid shaft umbrella where reliability is the prime consideration.

Solid shaft umbrellas are usually secured to the outside of the pack.