Introducing Helinox Insiders, a series of short films that offer a glimpse into the daily lives of Helinox employees and the wider community of Helinox.

In the first episode, meet the CEO of Helinox USA Ted Ganio and learn about his remarkable career in the outdoor industry–including the most meaningful camp item he’s had in rotation for over 35 years, and how the simplicity and elegance of Helinox products is what inspires him most.


"One of the things I love most about the Helinox design, aesthetic and the engineering behind it is it looks simple but it's not. The product is elegant and so simple, there is no unnecessary material or clutter in the design-it's so clean. A lot of people have tried to improve on it but it's when you try to do that, you come to realise how much thought and work has gone into the creation. There is so much intentional thought behind the design to make it appear simple and elegant."


"Community means a lot in the outdoor industry, the industry itself is a community which once people come into they realise the strength of that, stay. We are a community before we are an industry."