A balance of opposites

Connected by creative pursuits, this collaboration between RVCA x Helinox features the artwork of artists Ben Horton and Kelsey Brookes from the RVCA Artist Network Program.

With art as a common thread, these collections are built to aid adventure and find comfort in the unknown.

A balance of opposites

Chair One Camo

A balance of opposites

Chair One Muscimol


Kelsey Brookes is a former scientist who uses his background in biological and empirical methodology to create a new genre of art. His practice takes ideas and forms found in logic and natural systems and creates art that blurs the boundaries between science and art.


Ben Horton first gained notoriety through graphics he created for skateboard decks - himself a skateboarder, with over 15 years of disservice to his joints. Horton’s ideas come from photographs and his life experiences. For Ben Horton environmental advocacy is important and therefore he feels the need to contribute to the preservation of species through the documentation of them in his work.

Artist Network Program

RVCA’s Artist Network Program (ANP) is an ongoing venture aimed to showcase the talents of known & unknown artists. Members are advocates and musicians who inspire our generation.

An artist is defined by someone who is dedicated to sharing their life, thoughts and emotions through innovative ideas. This collaboration features RVCA ANP artists Ben Horton and Kelsey Brookes.