Umbrella One

Keep the rain and rays off your noggin with Helinox Umbrella One. Featuring a simple button-free operation, the canopy slides open in a breeze and protects from both rain & UV (up to UPF 25). The DAC alloy shaft provides great strength & keeps the weight down.

  • Canopy features UPF 25 sun protection
  • Lightweight design only weighs 7oz
  • DAC alloy shaft provides great strength while keeping the weight down
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Tough and light Umbrella One

Tough and light

Umbrellas protect you from rain and sun without obstructing cooling airflow. Lots of outdoor adventurers use umbrellas but few standard umbrellas survive more than a few bush trips – they're just not designed for rugged use.

Helinox has partnered with Eberhard Gobel to bring you the Helinox Trekking Umbrella One. Weighing just 220 grams, Umbrella One features a simple button-free mechanism for easy operation.

The canopy will not only keep you dry but sheilds you from the Sun's harmful UV rays as well.


Assembled Packed

97 cm


63.5 cm


220 grams