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Branco’s lookout in El Questro Wilderness Park, Kimberleys, WA. Photo by Sean Scott Photography.

Branco’s lookout in El Questro Wilderness Park, Kimberleys, WA. Photo by Sean Scott Photography.

Lightweight Camping Chairs

Lounge chair comfort anywhere!

From your own backyard to the remote wilderness, there's a Helinox camp chair to suit your next adventure.

Our range now extends to seven different models – from the ultralight Chair Zero to the full size Sunset Chair. 

Discover the Helinox advantage:

  • Comfortable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Amazingly small & light to carry
Lightweight Camping Chairs

A really great product that she loves

Mark and his wife bought a Helinox Chair One as a Christmas gift for their daughter. Here she is taking a break in Cradle Mountain National Park, Tasmania.

Great things in small packages...

Never had room to carry a camp chair? Chair One and Chair Zero offer previously unthinkable comfort the bushwalker, mountain biker, sea kayaker or touring motorcyclist.

Struggling with heavy & cumbersome chairs? At just 50 cm long, Helinox Camp Chair is half the packed length of most quad-fold chairs. Forget chairs that weigh as much as 5 kg, Sunset Chair (our heaviest) weighs under 1.5 kg and holds 145 kg.

Lightweight Camping Chairs

Compare Chairs

Packed weight: Capacity: Ground to seat base:* Height: Width: Depth: Packed length:

Beach Chair
1485 grams 145 kg 17 cm approx 83 cm 58 cm 68 cm 47 cm

Sunset Chair
1475 grams 145 kg 36 cm approx 98 cm 58 cm 70 cm 47 cm

Camp Chair
1335 grams 145 kg 36 cm approx 84 cm 58 cm 60 cm 50 cm

Chair One
960 grams 145 kq 27 cm approx 66 cm 52 cm 50 cm 35 cm

Ground Chair
640 grams 120 kq 12 cm approx 50 cm 52 cm 44 cm 30 cm

Chair Zero
510 grams 120 kg 23 cm approx 64 cm 50 cm 48 cm 35 cm

Chair Mini (for kids)
500 grams 90 kg 20 cm approx 44 cm 40 cm 33 cm 25 cm

*Distance from ground to lowest point of seat base (not front edge) when chair is empty.

The chairs and table are very good

Norris (that's him in the green t-shirt) and friend on a sea kayaking trip in the Whitsundays, Queensland. Chair One has been a favourite among sea kayakers for it's light weight, compact travel size and the comfort it brings at the end of long day paddling.

The TH72M advantage

All Helinox lightweight camp chairs are engineered using TH72M alloy.

This advanced material was originally developed by DAC for use in lightweight expedition tents. Through extensive research and development, DAC were able to produce thin-wall alloy tubing for reduced weight – without compromising on strength.

Helinox camp chairs also feature high-strength nylon frame hubs and hard-wearing fabrics. 

Backed by a 5 year warranty, Helinox is the ultimate choice in lightweight camping chairs.

Lightweight Camping Chairs